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Can-Am Recycling plant

the pazner team

The management team at Pazner Environmental Ltd. hold a collective 75 years experience in recycling and waste reduction.

We specialize in waste management, plastics and metal recycling, packaging materials, and logistics.

Lawrence Pazner (President/CEO)

Lawrence is a second-generation recycler with expertise in metal and plastic recycling. He founded Pazner Environmental Ltd. in 1996 after realizing the need for a local recycling company and the increased importance of landfill diversion. Can-Am Recycling Co. was started in 2002 to process plastics and further serve the local cliental and the customers of Pazner Environmental Ltd.

Barbara Cheifetz (Vice President/CFO)

Barbara handles all financial-related material and credit for current and new customers.

Furthermore, she deals with Human Resources at the production facility in Tilbury. Barbara is also a third-generation recycler with over 30 years experience in the recycling business.