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Can-Am Recycling Co. is our Canadian processing facility.

Since 2002 we have been serving the recycling requirements of the automotive industry. Can-Am has developed many cost-saving and landfill-diversion programs. Can-Am operates a product destruction and sorting facility with multiple grinders and shredders, well-suited for any application. We use multiple balers and other machinery to maximize the value of your scrap material.

We offer a full range of services, including product destruction, de-manufacturing, sorting, baling, and grinding.

Purge, parts, dunnage, regrind, virgin, and obsolete resin etc. are among the commodities we manage. We specialize in low-end, commingled, and contaminated plastics.

A toll grinding service is also available so that regrind can be returned to local injection molders. We focus on supplying domestic markets with premium material.

Glass Filled Polymers:

We now operate a second plant in Tilbury to segregate the recycling of glass filled polymers (Polypropylene, nylon and PET) from many of our other polymer recycling processes. This reduces the possible cross-contamination of nylon. It is also fully approved by the (MOL) Ministry of Labour and (MOEE) Ministry of Environment and Energy for the recycling of Glass Filled polymers.

The second plant also houses our knockdown bin refurbishing services. By restoring bins our customers save the cost of bin replacement, while exercising good recycling practices. These bins are repaired and returned to full service.

knockdown bin refurbishing

By repairing damaged bins our customers save the cost replacing these bins, while exercising good environmental practices.

These bins are repaired and returned to full service condition using parts from their own damaged containers or from our inventory of recycled parts. The damaged bins provide useful parts to be reused and whatever parts are damaged are recycled with a recycling credit going back to the customer. This is a closed loop and environmentally conscious program.

Please contact us to learn more about a recycling program tailored specifically to your needs!

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